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"I can help you make a choice you can live with, and live with the choice you have made."

Pro-choice Abortion Counseling Charlotte Taft has a Master's Degree in Social Psychology and has been an abortion counselor for over 30 years. I know you may be having a hard time. Pro-choice abortion counseling by telephone can help guide you to the choices that you decide are best. I believe in you and your goodness. Let me help you find your own inner wisdom to come to a choice you can live with, and to help you heal and live with the choice you have made. Contact me to schedule a convenient, affordable introductory abortion telephone counseling hour for $25. I accept credit cards or Paypal.

Abortion counseling by telephone can help you learn to use your own inner wisdom to heal and resolve life’s challenges. We serve as guide, support, and witness for whatever process you may need. Some work, especially bore or after abortion counseling over the telephone, can be short term---just one or two sessions. Other work may be more long term. our purpose is to assist you in working through issues from the past, if needed, but more importantly to learn tools and ways of being to create the life you dream of.

For before or after abortion telephone counseling or any other issues, the charge for our first hour of work is just $25.00. If you find you would like to do more work after that, the fee is $95 an hour. We accept credit cards or Paypal.

For abortion counseling or any other issues you’d like to discuss by phone you can e-mail or call 505-490-2084. If we are not immediately available, you can leave a message at this number with your name and the best time to call you back. Remember we are on Mountain Time--one hour later than California, one hour earlier than Texas, and two hours earlier than Detroit and New York.

Charlotte Taft holds a Master’s Degree in Social Psychology. For seventeen years she was the director of an abortion clinic in Dallas, Texas where she helped to develop Abortion Resolution Counseling. She has had seven years of training in psychodrama; workshops with nationally recognized practitioners Pia Mellody, Stephen Levine, Joan Halifax, Anthony Robbins, and others; training in hypnotherapy, and over thirty years of experience in counseling;

Shelley Oram is a trained hypnotherapist and has facilitated workshops nationwide in death and dying, grief and loss, dealing with AIDS, conflict resolution, leadership and relationship work. She has a background in psychodrama, co-dependency work, neuroassociative conditioning, coaching, leadership training and transformational education. She has been counseling, consulting, coaching, and leading workshops for twenty years.

If you are calling for phone counseling before or after abortion I’ll be happy to communicate with your clinic after our work, with your permission. Otherwise our work will be kept confidential unless you sign a release to a specific individual or agency, in the even of current child abuse, subpoena of records, and/or in the case that I perceive you to be a danger to yourself or others.

We are happy to set up unscheduled calls for abortion counseling by phone if we are available. If you have an emergency or cannot contact us, please seek help through 911 or at a mental health center or hospital. There is o charge for telephone calls lasting less than 10 minutes.

Our abortion counseling practice is primarily conducted over the phone, which allows flexibility in scheduling rarely available with an office practice. We do not diagnose, treat or attempt to cure mental or emotional disease or disorders. We facilitate and empower self-healing. We charge $95 an hour unless other agreements are made. Weekly sessions are generally one hour. You’ll need a place to call from that is private and uninterrupted. We accept credit cards or Paypal.

Some of the issues
we work with:

We are completely pro-choice and we also understand that for some women there are very difficult emotional issues that arise around the issue and experience of abortion.

Whether you are having trouble reaching professional or personal goals, or both, just imagine having someone to be your private, personal motivator providing daily or weekly check-ins, inspiration, feedback, structure and strategy, etc.

One of the most satisfying and potentially also one of the most painful aspects of our lives can be our closest relationships.

All of us have experienced grief and loss during our lives. When you are having a hard time continuing on with life after a loss, you may need some help. We can help you work through your feelings of despair to come to a place of peace and healing.

Many of us feel empty inside no matter how hard we work or how much we achieve. Our spiritual healing, like the healing of a physical wound, must be approached from the inside.

Most of us have heard of the idea of the ‘inner child’--yet few of us really know how frequently we have this child aspect of us within us running our lives.

Even in a world and time in which it can be hip to be a gay or lesbian character on TV, there are real fears and barriers to coming out.

Over the past several decades a tremendous amount of attention has been given to addictive behaviors, whether drinking, drugging, sex, romance, food, work, etc. Pia Mellody, pioneer of addiction and Codependency treatment, says that addictions are created by events in our childhood that are less than nurturing.

* The links above may give you an idea of some of the concerns with which people call us.

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