Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does it really work to do abortion counseling over the phone?
It works very well because it feels safe, easy, convenient, and effective. Many women have told me that abortion counseling over the phone didn't make them feel embarassed I have more than 30 years of experience in abortion counseling and I know how to help you work through the exact issues that are difficult for you.

2. What is it like to work with you?
It is my intention to be open, honest, kind but real, funny, and useful. I am an expert in abortion counseling over the phone. I'd like to have each session make a difference.

3. What kind of problems do you work on?
My primary work is doing abortion counseling over the phone, both before abortion to help women make a choice they can live with, and after abortion to help women live with the choice they have made. I also help people resolve issues in many areas of life including relationships, gay and lesbian issues, spirituality, addictions, and codependency.

Many problems we have are symptoms of a basic inability to love and care for ourselves. That may seem oversimplified, but I'm as interested in helping people learn the tools to create the lives they want, as to focus on the problems that are in the way. In the first session I usually ask a client what will be different if all the problems are resolved so that we can both be clear about the goals of our work.

4. How would you describe what kind of counseling you do?
I have had over thirty years in abortion counseling, and more than a decade doing abortion counseling by telephone, both before and after abortion. I have gained the skill to focus in quickly on the specific problems a woman is experiencing. I have been very fortunate to have gifted teachers with a number of specialties, and I draw upon whatever I think will be most effective for a particular person in a particular session. Ultimately I would like each person to be able to access the counselor or wise knowledge within.

5. How can I set up an appointment?
You can contact me at 505-490-2084 or e-mail at I'm in New Mexico, which is Mountain time--an hour later than the West Coast and two hours earlier than the East Coast. We would set up an introductory hour long counseling session for $25. At the start of the consultation you'd give me a credit card number.

6. When would our sessions be scheduled and how long is a session?
Many women just need one abortion counseling session to help them resolve what's troubling them. When people are calling for more general issues, most call once a week for an hour. Sometimes when they are having a very hard time they want to speak more often, and I have some clients who only call me on an 'as needed' basis, especially after we have worked together for a while and they have resolved some things. I am usually quite flexible in terms of scheduling and I work mornings, days and evenings any day of the week. It's always interesting to fit the various time zones together!

7. Will this take a long time and how will you know when I'm done? What if I want to stop or change to another counselor?
Counseling before an abortion has an essential time limit because abortion is safest early in pregnancy. I make myself available to a woman in need to talk as frequently as she needs. In ongoing counseling, person has different needs, different issues, and different financial situations. You can work with me for a long time, or just a few sessions.

8. Do you take insurance? How do I pay?
I'm sorry I do not accept insurance. Most clients pay by giving me a credit card number, or by going through Paypal on the computer which allows them to use either a check or credit card.

After the initial $25 hour, my fee is $95 an hour. If you are a client I will respond to e-mails usually at no extra cost unless they involve more than 30 minutes at a time.

9. Is this confidential?
Our work together is confidential. If you are working with an abortion clinic I will be happy to communicate with them if you give permission. If I believe you intend to harm yourself or another person, I would ethically be required to contact an appropriate agency.

10. How do I begin?
For abortion counseling by telephone or any other issues, call me at 505-490-2084 or e-mail at and let's set up an introductory hour at $25. Feel free to e-mail if you have any other questions.

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