Whether you are having trouble reaching professional or personal goals, or both, just imagine having someone to be your private, personal motivator providing daily or weekly check-ins, inspiration, feedback, structure and strategy, etc. One of the most satisfying and potentially also one of the most painful aspects of our lives can be our closest relationships. All of us have experienced grief and loss during our lives. When you are having a hard time continuing on with life after a loss, you may need some help. We can help you work through your feelings of despair to come to a place of peace and healing. We are completely pro-choice and we also understand that for some women there are very difficult emotional issues that arise around the issue and experience of abortion.
Many of us feel empty inside no matter how hard we work or how much we achieve. Our spiritual healing, like the healing of a physical wound, must be approached from the inside. Most of us have heard of the idea of the 'inner child'--yet few of us really know how frequently we have this child aspect of us within us running our lives. Even in a world and time in which it can be hip to be a gay or lesbian character on TV, there are real fears and barriers to coming out. Over the past several decades a tremendous amount of attention has been given to addictive behaviors, whether drinking, drugging, sex, romance, food, work, etc. Pia Mellody, pioneer of addiction and Codependency treatment, says that addictions are created by events in our childhood that are less than nurturing.

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